Speed limit decrease along 16th Avenue

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has decreased the posted speed limit along West 16th Avenue to 50km/h from Blanca Street west to the existing 50km/h zone on UBC campus. This has created a consistent speed limit along the West 16th Avenue corridor to increase safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

UBC and the University Neighbourhood Association (UNA) have been working in close collaboration with the Ministry for the past year to make this change. As part of this commitment, a crosswalk has recently been added across West 16th Avenue between Hampton Place and Wesbrook Place to provide a safe connection for pedestrians and communities on either side of West 16th Avenue.

UBC will work with the UNA, RCMP and others on speed watch, speed readers and other ways to signal this change to drivers travelling to and from UBC along West 16th Avenue.

The speed limit change is now in effect and new signage has been installed.