UBC Bus Loop Closes March 6, 2017

All bus stops in the UBC (diesel) Bus Loop have moved to Wesbrook Mall as March 6, 2017. The new UBC Bus Exchange, located off Wesbrook Mall at University Boulevard, will partially open for drop-offs only. This means that all transit riders will board on Wesbrook Mall when leaving campus, and arrive in the new UBC Bus Exchange.

Bus routes affected are the 99 B-Line, 25, 33, 41, 43, 49 and 480. These routes are being relocated until construction of the new UBC Bus Exchange and Gage South Student Residence is completed in Summer 2019.


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Please note – Pedestrian detours:

The sidewalks along Student Union Blvd and Wesbrook Mall are now closed. Detour routes will be around the Student Recreation Centre and new Aquatic Centre. The old UBC Bus Loop is the site of the future Gage South Student Residence.