Safety & Accessibility


You don’t have to walk alone on campus. Stay safe by calling Safewalk, taking a Community Shuttle, or using the campus blue phones.

Students, staff or faculty who don’t feel safe to walk alone on campus can contact the AMS Safewalk.

UBC’s Community Shuttles between key campus locations and the bus loop, are another option. They run from midday to midnight everyday.

In the event you require a reliable ride home via a taxi when an emergency arises, the Emergency Ride Home program may reimburse you for 90 per cent of the cost (before tip).

Blue Phones for emergencies, directions and assistance can be found at many locations and are available 24/7. For emergency situations, dial 9-1-1 directly if you have a phone available.


Getting around campus

Wheelchair-accessible community shuttles travel around campus.

UBC Wayfinding can help you identify accessible entrances and distinguish between power and manual doors.

If you are a student and getting around campus is a challenge due to a disability, you may qualify for early course registration or be eligible to request that your class is moved. You will need to be registered with Access & Diversity.

If you have a visual impairment that requires mobility training on campus, please contact Access & Diversity.

Accessible transit

Not all TransLink stops are wheelchair-accessible. Plan a route that works for you.

If you require assistance to take transit, HandyDART, a door-to-door shared ride service is available.

If you are unable to take transit for disability-related reasons, you may be eligible for a U-Pass fee exemption. Contact Access & Diversity.

Accessible parking

Disability parking spaces are available across campus if you have a SPARC decal.

A special needs permit will allow you to park in UBC parkades at reduced rates. Please contact Access & Diversity.