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Read below for updates on the 41st Avenue B-line.

As of June 3, 2019, you will have noticed that some bus stops have moved due to construction on Wesbrook Mall. The map below shows where all the bus stops are now located in the UBC Bus Exchange and Trolley Loop.

  • STOP 1: #41 bus stop has moved from Wesbrook Mall into the UBC bus exchange by UBC Aquatic Centre.
  • STOP 4: #43 Joyce Station is in UBC bus exchange by the Memorial Gym.
  • STOP 5: #49 Metrotown Station is in UBC bus exchange by the Memorial Gym.
  • STOP 3: #480 Bridgeport Station shares the stop with #44 Downtown, across from UBC Aquatic Centre.
  • STOP 13: Community shuttles, #68 and #70, have moved from the UBC bus exchange to University Boulevard at Wesbrook Mall near the Strangway Building.

The pedestrian pathway connecting the new bus arrivals platform to Student Union Boulevard is now open for a more convenient connection to areas north and west of the new bus exchange.

Click here for the full view of the UBC Bus exchange map.


New 41st Ave B-Line to UBC

June 14, 2019

A 41st Avenue B-Line to UBC will be launching in January 2020 in order to provide shorter wait times and shorter travel times between UBC and Joyce – Collingwood Station along 41st Avenue.

This new service will result in 33% more capacity compared to existing services, and will run every 3-6 minutes during peak hours, which means 50% less waiting compared to the 43 bus route. There will also be frequent service at night, with a bus coming every 15 minutes until 1 AM.


How is the B-Line faster and more reliable?


As part of the launch of this new B-Line service, TransLink is working closely with municipal and provincial partners to examine how streets can be modified to ensure the B-Line buses don’t get stuck in traffic. Changes resulting from this new service include:

Visit TransLink for more information on the. new B-Line routes or plan your trip to UBC.