HOPR Campus Bike Share

HOPR is the new bike share operator at UBC Vancouver!

HOPR bikes are coming to campus this Summer, with over 100 bikes initially and plans to expand the fleet to over 200 bikes by September 2019. The service area will cover the entire UBC campus, including academic and neighbourhood areas.

HOPR’s parent company Cyclehop LLC, who also operate the Mobi by Shaw Go system in Vancouver, have partnered with campuses and cities across North America to deliver similar programs. They were selected through a competitive procurement-like process to operate on campus at no cost to the University.

With the new operator, UBC has put in place stronger requirements related to where and how bikes are parked on campus.

Visit gohopr.com/ubc for more information about the HOPR bike share program, including pricing and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the HOPR Transit App on the App Store or Google Play to start riding!