Construction & Detour Map

This map highlights existing construction areas and road closures at UBC Vancouver. It is updated regularly to make navigating campus easier.

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April 11, 2019 update:
On Monday April 15, the UBC Bus Exchange opens to all diesel buses arriving to campus. Bus stops for #44, 84 and 68/70 shuttles close on Student Union Boulevard on April 15. The new stops for these routes will be located in front of the Aquatic Centre within the Bus Exchange.

  • Upon arrival to campus, pedestrians can walk north between the Student Recreation Centre and Aquatic Centre or on the south side of the Aquatic Centre.
  • The pathway connecting the bus exchange to University Boulevard will remain closed.

Wesbrook Mall Alert

Wesbrook Mall closed Jan 14 to May 31
Wesbrook Mall will be fully closed between Student Union Boulevard and University Boulevard to ALL traffic, cyclists and pedestrians starting January 14, 2019.