Construction & Detour Map

This map highlights existing construction areas and road closures at UBC Vancouver. It is updated regularly to make navigating campus easier.

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Updates: September 27, 2019

Single Lane Alternating Traffic on Student Union Boulevard

For the rest of the month there will be single lane alternating traffic on Student Union Boulevard for construction between 7:30am and 4pm, weekdays. There will be occasional weekend work including Saturday, October 12th. The sidewalk along the north side of Student Union Boulevard will remain closed, construction fencing will be installed next week to mark out the Pacific Residences construction site. The south sidewalk will remain open.

Pacific Residence construction starts

  • Pacific Residence, which is located along the west side of Wesbrook Mall from Walter Gage Road to Student Union Boulevard and along the north side of Student Union Boulevard, will have a construction window of October 2019 to December 2021.
  • The first piece of work is utilities. This will result in the full closure of Walter Gage Road just west of Wesbrook Mall to the west side of the roundabout. Access off of Wesbrook Mall to Walter Gage Road is for construction traffic and Esse residents only. This is anticipated only for a few weeks then the road will be reopened.
  • Detour route is to use Chancellor Boulevard, East Mall and Walter Gage Road to get around.
  • The sidewalk along the west side of Wesbrook Mall from south of Walter Gage Road to Student Union Boulevard will be closed as early as next week. Detour routes are into the UEL via the existing pedestrian crossing or west along the east side of the North Parkade.

BRDF Expansion Project

  • Construction starts Sept. 30. Impacts to the campus community will be minimal, but will impact a few pedestrian routes used to access LMRS and Hedder House. Detour route is Agronomy Road and Lower Mall sidewalks.

Ongoing construction at Focal and MacInnes Field

  • This will be ongoing until the end of the year.