Construction & Detour Map

This map highlights existing construction areas and road closures at UBC Vancouver. It is updated regularly to make navigating campus easier.

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Update June 27, 2019

Starting Tuesday, July 2nd the north sidewalk along University Boulevard between War Memorial Gym and the Alumni Centre will be fully CLOSED. All pedestrians will be detoured to the south sidewalk at existing crosswalks and pathways and fencing will be put up to prevent people from walking on the road.

As a result of the fencing to control pedestrians on University Boulevard, ALL CYCLISTS will be detoured to use the south alignment of University Boulevard to get in and out of campus. Signage will be put up to redirect cyclists and advise cyclists to SLOW DOWN. This will be closely monitored, but please relay this information to give people the advanced warning.

There is continued construction on Student Union Boulevard. To accommodate construction and reduce risk to drivers, no left turns will be permitted from Wesbrook Mall onto Student Union Boulevard for another month. Drivers can use Chancellor Boulevard to arrive at campus or turnaround on Walter Gage Road to get onto Student Union Blvd. We apologize for this inconvenience, but there is no other safe alternative at the moment.