Connecting UBC to the region with rapid transit

A robust transit system that gets people where they need to go quickly, safely and affordably is crucial for our region. It’s integral to a thriving economy, a clean environment and a high quality of life. The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation has developed a vision and a plan for an integrated transportation system that keeps pace with the growth of the region and ensures Metro Vancouver continues to be a great place to live, work, learn and visit. While the vision calls for extending rail rapid transit to UBC’s Point Grey Campus sometime in the next 30 years, it is not in the current 10-year Plan. UBC is working hard to accelerate this important investment in the regional transit system.

Better connecting UBC to the surrounding region with rapid transit is good for Metro Vancouver, British Columbia and the university. It will generate economic, social and environmental benefits and, with continued investment elsewhere in the region, create the modern integrated transit network needed for a prosperous future.

The recently approved Millennium Line Broadway Extension to Arbutus is a big step forward that will get the region closer to achieving its vision for the Broadway corridor but there is more to be done. The university is building on the momentum of this recent decision and working with local, regional and senior government partners to accelerate completion of the extension to UBC.


UBC is B.C.’s third-largest employment centre after downtown Vancouver and central Broadway, and is a hub for research, innovation and learning. It is one of the region’s busiest transit destinations with over 1,000 buses a day, most travelling along the Broadway corridor. This massive volume of bus traffic is clogging things up, causing long, slow commutes for people living in more affordable parts of the region, and increased costs and lower productivity for businesses that rely on goods and people moving throughout the region efficiently.

Fast, frequent, high-capacity rapid transit service will ease travel, lower commute times and reduce congestion along the entire Broadway corridor well into the future. It will connect UBC and the region’s knowledge, innovation and health districts, open up housing options along the entire length of the line, and improve access for students and community partners. Extending the Millennium Line from its planned terminus at Arbutus Street to UBC is key to achieving these goals.

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A rapid transit extension to UBC that connects the region’s top employment, research and academic centres will generate positive benefits for individuals and the Metro Vancouver economy. It will:

  • Result in a continuous 43-km transit line that stretches across the region from UBC to Coquitlam and connects with other planned rapid transit lines;
  • Address the region’s most significant challenge by providing access to more affordable housing options;
  • Improve travel times for people and goods along the corridor and elsewhere by reducing congestion;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Enhance access to education, medical, recreational and cultural services on and off campus;
  • Lower barriers for aspiring students to access UBC from across Metro Vancouver; and,
  • Foster innovation by connecting researchers and innovators from UBC, the health corridor and the broader regional innovation ecosystem including Great Northern Way, Mount Pleasant and the Surrey Innovation Boulevard.

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